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Understanding the recent phenomena of Holocaust remembrance in the form of national Holocaust museums and memorials in Belgium, France, and Germany

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Master thesis History: Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Amsterdam.
This thesis focuses on national Holocaust museums and memorials in Europe, in specific regards to the national Holocaust museums of Belgium and France, and the national Holocaust memorial of Germany. This dissertation begins with a brief overview of the scholars used within each chapter, along with a discussion on the development of national Holocaust museums in Europe in the introduction chapter. Following the introduction, the first chapter discusses the Kazerne Dossin Memorial Museum in Mechelen, Belgium. Chapter two then covers the Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris, France. Finally, chapter three focuses on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in conjunction with its underground information center in Berlin, Germany. This thesis endeavors to explore the themes represented in each museum in relation to German compliance, and the role of the bystanders from each Nation. The goal is to understand how each of these national institutions discussed within the text, portray their involvement in the events of the Holocaust and Second World War by way of State compliance and the actions of their bystanders. Through the initiatives of the museum and memorials published catalogs, personal research conducted by on-site visitation to each of the institutions, and through the texts of Holocaust scholars such as James Young, Raul Hilberg, and Christopher Browning, this dissertation explores the role in which national Holocaust museums and memorials in Europe narrate the history of the Holocaust in affiliation to their State, as well how these institutions contribute to Holocaust scholarship in regards to the information that is displayed within the museum, which addresses German complicity and State contribution to the events of the Holocaust.
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