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Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs: Central Authority for Controlling Foreigners (KEOKH) [MOL K 490-492]

The system of arrangement of the source repository has been preserved in the microfilmed reels. Arranged in three series: 1. Presidential Papers (elnöki iratok) (K 490), 1937-1944 [Reel 1]; 2. Reserved Papers (reservált iratok) (K491), 1933-1944 [Reel 2]; 3. General Papers (általanos iratok) (K492), Arranged by personal names [Reel 3 and 4].
Copyright Holder: Magyar Országos Levéltár
No restrictions on access. This material can only be accessed in a Museum reading room or other on-campus viewing stations. No other access restrictions apply to this material.
Miscellaneous correspondence reports from the head of the KEOKH (National Central Authority for Controlling Foreigners) in Budapest. Includes individual files of foreign citizens, most of them Jewish, who came to the attention of KEOKH. The files are arranged in alphabetical order.
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