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The War Papers part 40

The War Papers part 40, met artikelen over aanslag op Hitler en: News Chronicle, 21 juli 1944' Poster: On to victory! Air crews wanted RAAF - urgent!' 'Hitler Assassination attempted at his headquarters. the Fuhrer escaped with slight burns and concussion, says Berlin. 13 high ranking officers injured in explosion' 'Himmler is now the dictator in Germany' 'Nazi had no doubt was was lost' 'Allies storm through 9 Normandy villages' 'Stalin issues two orders of day: Lwow outflanked and 30-mile advance on 90-mile front' 'Nazi's may now have another night of the long knives' The creed of Tito's men' The Sunday Sun, 23 juli 1944 'Bloog purge rages in Germany. Nazi crisis equals to major defeat. Revolts, shooting, comb-outs reported' 'Maltot is attacked and re-ocupied' 'Another Hun general surrenders to Reds. fighting in streets of Pskov' 'German prisoners reactions mixed' 'Salute to the infantryman' 'When generals mutiny. Reactions of Hitler plot on the german military machine' 'How Montgomery works' 'Kesselring reserves fail to check Alexander' '50th doing double duty on Normandy front' 'Europe plastered with bombs. Heavies return to Ploesti: Berlin too' 'Hun silence on shot RAF men' 'Died to carry out bombing mission' 'New evacuation campaign is to be launched' 'Armies drive in mud across Italy. Americans read Arno on front of 25 miles: pushing to Pisa'
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