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General Ludendorf schreibt

General Ludendorf schreibt.... (H653-S552)

Niet aanwezig. De pamfletten met volgnummer 24, 25, 30, 37, 45 bestaan ook met een rode cirkel. Hierover wordt in "Falling Leaf Magazine" het volgende opgemerkt: "Sefton Delmer's propaganda team produced many leaflets and other kinds of literature signed solely with a red circle. These were sent to the German soldiers and civilians by three main media: Firstly, by infiltration into Germany itself where the items could be posted to individuals or left lying about by agents. Secondly, by disseminating literature from RAF planes who were on normal bombing missions, and thirdly, for use against German soldiers in occupied countries by stuffing them in parachute containers, which were dropped to Resistance groups. Nothing, except what Sefton Delmer has written, is known about the Red Circle leaflets. The Red Circle was, of course, intended to encourage Germans of all kinds to believe that an anti-Nazi resistance group was responsable for the leaflets, lists and tracts. But no such organisation existed-except in the fertile imagine of Delmer and his teams".

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