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U.S. Landing craft supports

U.S. Landing craft supports operations on Corregidor. Gun crews on an American LCS (landing craft, support) fire at Japanese installations on Corregidor in support of the February 16, 1945, Amphibious landing operation of U.S. forces. Paratroops dropped to the top of the Manila Bay island fortress, coördinating their landing with that of infantrymen who ferried across the channel from liberated Bataan peninsula to Corregidor's south shore. Although outnumbered by two to one, the U.S. forces defeated the Japanese garrison and gained control of the island, thereby opening Manila Bay to Allied supply ships. With the liberation of Manila, capital of the Philippines, on February 23, 1945 the distribution of these supplies was started in the liberated area of Luzon, main island of the archipelago. The Japanese on Corregidor lost 4,215 troops by March 1, at which time American troops were still mopping up enemy snipers. NI 3070
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