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Sobibor Interviews 1983-1984, interview 02, Alexander 'Sasja' Pechersky

Project 'Sobibor Interviews 1983-1984' in EASY; URI=
Leydesdorff, S. (2017). Sasha Pechersky Holocaust Hero, Sobibor Resistance Leader, and Hostage of History: Routledge.; URI=; URI=
Interview with Alexander 'Sasja' Pechersky (Kremenchuk, 22 February 1909). Pechersky was a lieutenant in the Red Army, was taken prisoner in the autumn of 1941. When a medical examination revealed he was Jewish, he was transported to Sobibor on 22 September 1943. Over a period of three weeks he drew up a detailed plan to escape from the camp with all the prisoners. About his captivity and his part in the uprising he said: 'It is not just a memory, I live it'. Before the war Alexander Pechersky was an organization expert with a great love of the theatre and music. He was married and had a daughter when he enlisted in the army. In January 1990 he died in his hometown of Rostov-on-Don.
Interview with Alexander Pechersky: Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team; URI=
More information on Alexander 'Sasja' Pechersky on; URI=
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