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Das Getto

216 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
The first part of the book (pp. 7-76) describes the activities of Walter Caspar Toebbens, a German who made a fortune running the largest factory in the Warsaw ghetto, producing uniforms for the German army. Jews who worked for him could buy a temporary postponement of deportation by giving him their sewing machines in addition to large sums of money; eventually the Jews were handed over to the SS. Describes the deportations to Treblinka and the Warsaw ghetto uprising. In the course of these events, Toebbens' factory with its workers was transferred to the Poniatowa camp near Lublin, where all the Jews were shot in November 1943. Includes excerpts from his trial in absentia in Germany, 1949. Toebbens was in hiding at the time, but later emerged and was able to enjoy his wealth. The rest of the book contains photographs of the Warsaw ghetto made by Heinrich Jöst - an officer in the German army in September 1941 - together with descriptions of life in the ghetto. The photos were discovered in 1982, and were exhibited at Yad Vashem in 1988.
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  • Schwarberg, Günther.
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