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Geissler and Arp: British military court case material (microfilm)

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The papers relate to the activities of two anti-Nazi activists, Arthur Geissler and Erich Arp, who, at the end of the war, were indicted by a British Military Court for 'the unlawful appropriation of authority' by arresting the former Ortsgruppenleiter Kr?mer, Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein, at gun point.
Copies can be made for personal use. Permission must be sought for publication.
Personal papers of Erich Arp mainly concerning his membership of political and student organisations; Military Government Court indictments of Geissler and Arp and notes relating to indictments, 31 May 1945; Enclosures including reports regarding the history of Nazi support and ant-Nazi activity in Elmshorn; pamphlets produced at the end of the war by the Antifaschistisches Deutsches Kampf Komitee, Hamburg.
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