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Aktion Reinhard: SS-und Polizeiführer des Distrikts Lublin, Hauptabteilung Einsatz Reinhard (Sygn. II)

Restrictions on use. Copying of more than several documents for a third party requires the permission of the Państwowe Muzeum na Majdanku, Poland. No publication of the materials on the Internet, or any public domain without the special permission from the source archives allowed. Users may need to pay fee for material usage.
Records of Majdanek concentration camp on the plunder of Jewish property, including “receipts” for confiscated valuables, copies of bills for goods sold, requests for supplies from storehouses, inventories, and name lists of Jewish forced laborers. Some documents concern valuables transferred from Lublin-Majdanek to the storehouse on Chopin Street. Some of the property went directely to individual SS officers, or was sent to the Reich.
No restrictions on access
1 januari 1942 - 1 januari 1944
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