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Amerikaans 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment

Foto van embleem van Amerikaans 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment Tekst öp vel achterop: "504 PATCH THE DEVIL-Denotes our spirit. It took the Germans little time to learn what we were made of. At Anzio the name of "Black Hearted Devils" was born-personification of the fighting spirit of the 504; past, present and future. With helmet and cape; sleek stealthy hard hitting, we fight like devils - Mephistopheles is our leader. THE SHIELD-Denotes our mission - to portect our country when er'e the need arise; a strong, tenacious everready, first lineof defense, we'll meet the foe and destroy him. THE WINGS-Denotes our means of transport to battle. Though devils in battle we fly on the wings of Angels of mercy and justice to protect the liberty and freedom given us by our forefathers. THE PARACHUTE-Denotes our capabilities. On land, by sea, through the air, we're fast and furious, striking fear and consternation into the hearts of our enemy. THE SCROLL-Simple, yet packed with meaning lettign the world know that we'remore than soldiers, we're better than the rest-We're AIRBORNE.
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