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The War Papers part 29

The War Papers part 29, met artikelen over sex in oorlogstijd en: News Chronicle, 12 juli 1943 'Sicily: airfields, 100 miles of coast taken. Glider-borne troops formed spearhead of invasion' Sunday Express, 5 september 1943 'Bridgeheads 3 miles deep, we now hold 55 miles of Italian coast' 'Rome collampse at any minute' 'Big soviet advances, 400 places captured' 'germans clash with Italians' 'A shambles in the North Sea and the story of stoker Gibbs' 'The revolt in Denmark' 'The war will not end before 1945' 'British staff talks at secret Blakans G.H.Q.' 'RAF coventrate 42 reich towns' 'Hospitals plead: more servants or our work must suffer' 'Churchill told army: fight on, navy will take you off' 'Gestapo headquarters caught in main attack. Government offices destroyed' 'US 'economic chief in italy' 'Canadians walked ashore, smashed through defences in 15 minutes' 'Russia tensely expectant but expects move for second front' 'Sisily. Axis air forces in sicily were smothered'
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