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Plakboek met krantenknipsels van A.G. Buckingham 1939-1946

plakboek met krantenknipsels van A.G. Buckingham 1939-1946.

 "rockets as secret Weapons" "Churchill meets his new commanders" "A general under fire - Montgomery" "Home Guards attention - refresher course for home guards no 1" "el daba - the breaker's yard" "Paratroops !" "the great African Armada is under way" "make your village a fortress" "dicipline will beat this felow" "how to shoot down a dive bomber with a rifle" "how to disguise your post" "trip-wire tricks for a tank ambush" "every village an invasion fortress" 'leapfrog is the safest way over the top - if paratroops dropped near the Thames" "don't shoot the man directly in front of you" "how to bomb enemy crews who take cover behind their tanks" "don't shoot unless you're sure they are "brolly-troops" "you can ake this god pul-up for Nazis" "watch for chance - pots at rubbernecks" "speeding-up firing the Sten" "watch for Fifth Colomn - tricks - but dodge spy-fever" "watch for surrender trick by paratroops" "a key to the mighty capital of the Soviets" " 3 rules for nigt training - home guard" "commando lessons for H.G.s - decoy fire - hands up ! - open door then duck " "water gun to find mines" "Berlin hates Britain's Home guard" "German submachine gun mp 38 and mp 40" "how would you kill these 15 men - a Home Guard problem - here is the answer" "how the British soldier of 1939 goes to war" "how pick-a-back fly-bombs are launched' "foto 18th Warwighshire (Coventry) Home Guard - H-Q Goy Field Engineering Platoon june 1942" "this is the way V2 is fired" "how the Lancasters went in for the Kill - the death of the Tirpitz" "America now operates pipe-rack flotillas" "amazing results of boyhood idea - group Captain Whittle" "the positions in the plane - falling soldiers" "bankbiljet: five cents Malaya fifty cents Malaya one cent the Japanese goverment five cents the Japanese goverment ten cents the Japanese goverment fifty cents the Japanese goverment one dollar the Japanese goverment ten dollar the Japanese goverment hundred dollar the Japanese goverment one thousand dollar the Japanese goverment one hundred pesos the Japanese goverment" "brochure: the coventry home guard garrison 1944" "brochure: motor cycle trials to be held at Johore Bahru 1946 programme of events" "brochure:price list cold storage foodstuffs june 1947" "brochure: the History of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment" "verder nog enkele krantenknipsel uit de jaren zestig" "in het boek geplakt uniform insignes van de Home Guard Cov 18"

 "deze documenten behoorden aan Alwin Geoffrey Buckingham geb. in 1925, overleden op 7 april 1995, hij ging in 1944 in Britse dienst en diende in Singapore"

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