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Orphans of Indersdorf, Bavaria. Orphans os 12 nations have a new home in a former nunnary at Indersdorf, Bavaria, Where UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration ) recently opened an international refuge for children found by the U.S. Army in Germany. Hundreds of helpless children whose parents were killed or lost during the war were sent from Nazi foreign labor and concentration camps to this institution. Two-thirds of the group are Polish and Jewish. Some are too young to remember their parents and others do not know their own names. Most of these from the concentration camps have no other indentification than a number and the letters 'KL'(Konzentrations Lager) marked on their skins. When children arrive at the institutio, the are deloused, bathed and given clean clothes. Medical attendants then inneculate them against typhoid, fever, diphterie and smellpox. The infants are cared for by nurses while older children begin elemantary education in their own language under teachers of the Allied nations.
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